2013-04-25 / Letters to the Editor

Volunteers few and far between on rainy day

A rainy day and a thin crew of volunteers made for a daunting task and a dumpster only half full. However, this was also due to the fact that we have gotten most of the “big uglies” out of the way in previous years. Now we focus mainly on little bits that don’t weigh as much.

Next year I intend to have bags marked “Earth Day” available to everyone at Jamestown Hardware prior to the cleanup. This will allow volunteers to pick up trash along the coastline or roadside. Most are not up for committing to a six-hour program on a Saturday, especially if it is raining. However, given a week’s window, I think many people can find the time to fill one bag and bring it to the dumpster. We will see. Thanks to those that helped.

Patrick Driscoll
Conservation Commission

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