2013-05-02 / Editorial


Tax rate decrease makes budget shine

The Jamestown Town Council is currently considering a budget for the next fiscal year that – if approved – would decrease the island’s property tax rate by 60 cents.

This is certainly something voters can cheer about.

Recent councils and school boards have done an excellent job of holding the line on tax increases with the annual town budgets. The elected islanders sitting on the council and School Committee have answered the voters’ pleas for tax relief over the years, especially during the times of national fiscal calamity, by approving zero percent tax increases and tax increases of less than 1 percent.

But this is the first time in recent memory that the Town Council and School Committee have awarded taxpayers with such a healthy rate decrease.

Enacting the town’s annual budget is not an easy job. There are a lot of moving parts. It seems that the cost of everything keeps going in one direction – up. So when we see such a decrease in our tax rate, it certainly gets our attention.

Kudos to the Town Council and School Committee for a job well done. We expect the budget should pass the annual Financial Town Meeting without too many complaints.

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