2013-05-02 / Letters to the Editor

Island cleanup should be year-round affair

In the April 25 edition of the Press there was a letter to the editor from Patrick Driscoll about the beach cleanup on Earth Day (“Volunteers few and far between on rainy day”). I think he has a good idea to make the cleanup a longer process as people really do have schedules that do not allow a chance to attend a one-day event.

I would also like to add that the problem of trash on our beaches is not going away and is a constant problem. It warrants more than annual attention. After Sandy and the following storm, I went out to Potters Cove, East Ferry and Fort Getty and did a cleanup on my own time. I was really surprised of the amount of trash I found. I was also shocked to see how much of the trash was generated by humans. Bottles, cans, oil containers, clothes, hats and shoes made up the majority of trash found.

Another equally serious problem was the number of massive pieces of debris that will become torpedoes when they finally get freed from their locations by the tides and begin to damage boats and injure swimmers. I documented many of the largest that I found but wonder if there is any organized way to get these very dangerous items removed from the beaches.

Dennis Owens
Felucca Avenue

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