2013-05-09 / Letters to the Editor

Allowing gay marriage was ‘right’ thing to do

This letter is to say, “Thank you.” Thank you to the voters of Rhode Island who did their civic duty and voted to elect our legisla­tors to represent all of us.

Thank you to those elected of­ficials who did what’s right.

Now, doing what’s right isn’t al­ways easy. The question could be asked: Right for whom? But the answer should be, “What’s right for everyone as a whole.”

Our elected state representatives and senators did the right thing by allowing the issue of marriage equality to have a fair hearing and evaluation. Some supported it in the beginning, others were sol­idly opposed, but all made certain that the issue was fairly heard. By a large majority vote of our law­makers, Rhode Island now be­comes the 10th state to welcome all to be married.

Everyone living in our state can now be legally entitled to en­joy the ability to publicly profess that undying devotion to someone we love, to enjoy the security of a committed, monogamous re­lationship, and to reap the safe­guards and rights that marriage offers. The legislation passed does contain some exemptions – pro­tections if you will – for religious organizations that just cannot sup­port equal marriage.

Many of my fellow wedding officiants have expressed their opposition to performing a same- sex ceremony and the new law al­lows them to decline. I am happy about that. It would be unfair to mar such a joyous occasion with a reluctant officiant. Civil unions have been legal for almost two years now – the world hasn’t im­ploded and traditional marriages didn’t suffer from that change any more than this change will shake anyone’s world.

Thank you to all of our sena­tors and representatives for doing what’s right.

The Rev. Jill Anderson
West Reach Drive

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