2013-05-09 / Letters to the Editor

Let’s help keep waste out of Central Landfill

Along with Molly Tiexiera, I am doing a project on recycling and com­posting. We attend the East Bay Met School in Newport, an innovative public career and technical school that offers integrated academic and work skills. At the Met we complete real-world projects that interest us. This spring Molly is working at Is­land Rubbish, and I will complete my course work as a master composter at the University of Rhode Island.

Jamestown is ranked eighth of 13 town-collection programs catego­rized by size and type. With a trans­fer station and curbside collections for less than 10,000 people, last year the town’s people were diverting only 32.2 percent of their waste from Cen­tral Landfill. We hope by educating residents the percentage will increase. It will extend the life of the landfill and decrease the amount of money spent on landfill fees.

Last week, following Melrose School’s go-green week, we presented our program on why it is important to recycle and compost. Molly presented items that can and cannot be recycled. The students then practiced what they learned by sorting containers, card­board and cartons into a recycling bin or trashcan. I talked about the different stages of compost from apple core to compost ready for the garden.

This Saturday we will be at Wat­son Farm’s annual sheep-shearing day from noon to 4 p.m. We will be there to answer questions and hand out bro­chures on the new single-source recy­cling process. In addition, there will be a wire-compost system that people can learn to recreate in their own back­yard.

For ongoing information and up­dates, “like” our Facebook page, “Recycle with Riley and Molly.” If someone needs a new recycling bin they can purchase one at the Jamestown transfer station. We look forward to working with ev­eryone to increase our recycling rate.

Riley Greene
Howland Avenue

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