2013-05-09 / Letters to the Editor

Loose dogs causing problems for others

I take my dog outside for walks, on a leash. Unfortunately, since she was 9 weeks old, she has been attacked five times.

I am not talking about dogs be­ing playful, but loose dogs run­ning around, not only messing in my yard, but jumping on my dog and snapping. Recently, while taking my dog out for a walk, we were in the front of my yard when a dog came up behind us, jumped on her, and began snapping and growling. My dog is little and I had to grab her to prevent injury.

I know it is risky, but the dog actually bit her. After picking my dog up, the other dog still fol­lowed us into my yard. So much for going for a walk. I kept yelling in a loud voice, which is what a trainer told me to do, and finally the dog ran off.

Yes, when I walk my dog and she sees another dog, she barks. That is known as “leash reaction.” This is because she has been attacked while she is on a leash. She is afraid. She has been to classes and also takes part in dog playgroups. But taking her out on a leash has resulted in tense situations. Other people in the area with small dogs have gone through the same thing.

It is irresponsible for people to allow their dogs to run free and not care where they are. It is also unfair that people can be prisoners in their own yards, and afraid of loose dogs.

Jamestown needs to do some­thing. I know if it were a child out there, people would jump up and scream about the loose dogs. Unfortunately, something like that could happen.

Debra Murphy
Keel Avenue

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