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Keiser submits resignation

Keiser will stay on the job until mid-October

BRUCE KEISER BRUCE KEISER Town Admin­istrator Bruce Keiser submit­ted his resigna­tion Monday to the Town Coun­cil.

During an ex­ecutive session, Keiser, 62, made the surprise an­nouncement. He called the James­town Press on Tuesday morning to break the news.

“I said that I would leave no lat­er than mid-October, he said.

Keiser has served as town ad­ministrator since January 2006. He was formerly the director of ad­ministrative services for the town of South Kingstown.

“I’ve been working for 42 years straight – other than taking two weeks off every year for vacation,” Keiser said. “I have a backlog on the bucket list that I would like to start digging into.”

When asked about his plans for retirement, Keiser said that he would like to travel and pursue his outdoor interests. He is a passion­ate sailor and likes to ski, hike and golf. He said he would also like to do some long-distance bicycling. “I want to pursue yoga more in depth,” he added.

“I would also like to spend a lot more time with my beautiful grandchildren,” Keiser said.

Keiser has a long list of accom­plishments during his seven-year tenure. Most notably, Keiser over­saw construction of the new Town Hall and the new public works fa­cility.

The town council will now be faced with finding a new town ad­ministrator, Keiser said. The first task will be to appoint a search committee and to advertise the open position, he added.

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