2013-05-23 / News

Esposito completes crime investigation course

Officer Mark Esposito, of the Jamestown Police Department re­cently completed more than 200 hours of training in criminal inves­tigation during the past 26 weeks at the University of Rhode Island.

The two-part course was fo­cused on the theory and practice of crime scene investigation, em­ploying the modern techniques of crime scene preservation, crime scene search and the collection, preservation and transmission of physical evidence. There is an em­phasis on photography, the devel­opment, lifting and classification of latent fingerprints and report writing.

In addition, officers are trained in specialized techniques of crime scene investigation including fire­arms, arson, sexual assault and ho­micide, as well as the examination of physical evidence such as fire­arms, bloodstains, glass and other trace evidence. Training in the use of digital photography, computer software, alternate light sources, fluorescent powders and other chemical fingerprint techniques, are also taught. These courses are offered to law enforcement offi­cers in conjunction with the State Crime Laboratory and the Special Programs Division of the Univer­sity of Rhode Island Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education.

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