2013-05-30 / Letters to the Editor

Ceremonies worthy of Norman Rockwell

Once again Jamestown and its citizenry came out to present our town with a Memorial Day parade and ceremonies worthy of Norman Rockwell. The organization of it all was stellar this year and re­minded us all of why we celebrate the day. I extend my thanks and my congratulations to the VFW and the American Legion for all the work that went into its plan­ning.

To everyone who had a hand in these events, you deserve to be proud of what you offered to the town and to your country.

Last November I publicly chas­tised the new Town Council for not participating in Veterans Day ceremonies. This time they all at­tended and came up with a float as well. I want to personally com­mend them for taking the criticism to heart and turning out for this event. It was duly noted.

To the speakers, I want to com­mend you all on being both poi­gnant and brief. You gave our young people, who participated, great lessons in what it means to be a part of our American culture. Bravo!

Lee White
Conanicus Avenue

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