2013-05-30 / Letters to the Editor

Many participated in school’s career day

May 24 was the seventh annual Is­land Treasures held at Lawn Avenue School. The school improvement team and the School Department sponsored the event.

Students along with the faculty and staff participated in two of 23 different workshops planned and conducted by generous members of the Jamestown community. Workshops varied in top­ics such as glassblowing, cartooning, portrait painting, rock climbing and trawling.

A special thank you to all the pre­senters and volunteers. Without their time and talent this program would not be possible. They are Jim Archibald, Jamestown Boat Yard, Dr. Suzy Ay­vazian, Dr. Boze Hancock, Lt. Col. David Benson, Fred Bingell of House of Pizza, Lisa Carlisle, David and Jennifer Clancy of Clancy Designs, Kelly Cowan, Chef Kevin Gaudreau of Trio, Ken Gladding of K.M. Glad­ding Excavating, Mary Heath of the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum, Judge Terry Houlihan, mem­bers of the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department, Jamestown’s EMS Divi­sion, Jamestown Police Department, Dr. Shelly Johnson, Julie Kallfelz, Harley Lee, Martha Neale and family, Windmist Farm, Dr. An­nie Pasierb of Newport Animal Hospital, Quononoquott Garden Club, Robb Roach and Kettlebot­tom Outfitters, portrait artist Da­vid Schock, Rosie and William Wharton Smith III, cartoonist Will Wilson, Jason and Patrick Vieira of Balance Sport & Fitness, RI­DEM’s Division of Marine Fish­eries, and the Aquatic Resources Education Program.

I would also like to thank Prin­cipal Deb DiBiase for her continu­ing support of the amazing day. In addition, I would like to thank teachers Nick Alfred, Jenn Clark and Charlene Tuttle for their help with the school coordination. Isa­bel Jepson and Lou Kitts met ev­ery request with enthusiasm and without whom this day could not have been a success.

As I pass on the responsibil­ity of the program, I reflect back on the absolute joy of working in such a supportive community. Each year I have met wonderful people and been blessed to work with the treasures of the island. Our children are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the talents of Jamestown. Thank you for making Jamestown such a spe­cial place.

Leslie Hough
East Shore Road

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