2013-05-30 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for help with youth theater classes

Thank you to the Jamestown Arts Center for hosting the James­town Community Theatre spring classes and culminating perfor­mance. Each Sunday, 24 children with five teens as interns spent two hours acting, complemented by a ceramic show that adorned the pe­riphery of the room. Also, thanks go to interns Mady Brown, Sarah Farrelly, Mady Hirsch, Dana Lar­kin and Witt Tarantino, who gave up their Sunday afternoons to di­rect class members in different skits. In addition, I thank my co- instructor, Annie McIntyre, who as usual gave so much support to a theater endeavor. Indeed, JCT at JAC was a success.

Mary S. Wright
Artistic director
Jamestown CommunityTheatre

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