2013-06-13 / Letters to the Editor

Speeding cars making our streets dangerous

Last week I responded to one of the saddest scenes in my volunteer career. A wonderful old dog had been hit by a car on Frigate Street, and the owner was lying on top of him crying. Since the dog was still alive, we bundled him up and placed him in my car for what we all hoped would be a miracle ride. Just as I arrived at the animal hospital in Middletown, the dog passed on.

The previous week, a young puppy was killed on Beacon Avenue. This Saturday, five Jamestown residents got soaking wet and covered in mud at Zeek’s Creek trying to capture six baby ducklings whose father had been killed two weeks ago, and whose mother was killed that morning.

All of these tragedies were caused by cars, and in some cases may have been avoided if the drivers were paying better attention and, most importantly, driving slower. Sure the animals shouldn’t have been in the street and people should follow the leash laws, but now that summer has arrived, I notice people driving a lot faster in our residential neighborhoods. And what if it were a child or elderly person?

Although the Jamestown Police Department does an excellent job reminding people not to speed, we cannot expect them to be on every street, all day, every day.

Jamestown is a beautiful place. If we all drive a little slower, think about how much more enjoyment we would get from our beautiful Island, and a life may be saved as a result.

Barbara Szepatowski
Riptide Street

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