2013-06-20 / Letters to the Editor

Gina Raimondo would make good governor

I was very impressed with the interview of Ms. Gina Raimondo, state treasurer, in the June 13 issue of the Jamestown Press (“Qand A: Treasurer discusses new plans”). She explained how politicians gave away unfunded benefits that then created serious problems in the present years.

She noted that the so-called “payday” loans ensnared people of modest means and were allowed in Rhode Island, but virtually in no other state in the union, to charge as much as 260 percent annually. She suggested a revolving loan fund to ensure the proper care and development of bridges and roads. The fund would be similar to that of the Rhode Island Clean Water organization, which utilizes a revolving loan fund effectively.

Financial prudence and compassion for the least of our citizens; Does that not sound like the kind of person we could choose to elect for our next governor?

Jim Traer
Intrepid Lane

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