2013-06-20 / Letters to the Editor

Possible solution to town’s traffic woes

Concerns about Jamestown’s traffic issues reminded me of a recent trip to College Park, Md., where photo-enforcement technologies are widespread. Imagine driving in an area where drivers follow posted speed limits, avoid tailgating and assiduously obey traffic lights and signs. It can be unsettling at first until one realizes that it is the outcome envisaged by the drafters of modern traffic laws.

Such technologies may offer a solution to Jamestown’s traffic woes. They not only increase traffic safety, but they can be a source of revenue, potentially reducing the need for increased property taxes. A device placed on North Main Road alone would likely earn thousands in revenue every month. Some might argue that this solution would infringe on personal liberties, but this must be weighed against the risk of carnage – human or animal – that will likely result if the status quo is allowed to continue.

Paul J. Smith
Schooner Avenue

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