2013-06-20 / Letters to the Editor

Working with kids is what mattered most

After much reflection, and with options to pursue other professional and personal opportunities, I have decided to leave my position as social worker for the Jamestown School District.

When I began working in Jamestown in August 1992, I would not have predicted the experience would last for 20 years and become a profound part of my social-work career. I have worked with an amazing group of dedicated teachers, specialists and support staff – there are too many to mention individually.

However, I would be remiss not to acknowledge Kathy Almanzor, Beth Pinto, Renie Sullivan, Isabel Jepson, Kate Shuhy, Lew Kitts and his crew, Carrie Melucci and Kathy Sipala as models of excellence in terms of their day-to-day commitment to getting the job done.

Of course, interacting with the children and their families is what mattered most. We problem solved, faced obstacles and attempted to move forward to achieve goals. It was often hard work, but we would persevere, and, most often, achieve success. We laughed, shed some tears and gave high fives upon reaching our goal. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Jamestown community.

Mark Allard
Sowams Road

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