2013-07-11 / Editorial

Expanding our island recreational opportunities

The Town Council recently approved an application by a local business to rent paddleboards at Mackerel Cove on Saturdays in July and August.

We applaud the council members’ support of a local business. We also give the council high marks for expanding upon the island’s many recreational opportunities.

Paddleboard rentals provide both islanders and visitors with the opportunity to explore a fast-growing sport. What better time to give the activity a try than when visiting the beach already outfitted in swimming gear? When one goes paddleboarding, one is bound to get wet.

Mackerel Cove is the perfect place to explore on a paddleboard. The cove’s waters are reasonably calm and flat, so beginners won’t face a tough first outing.

It appears that the council and the town’s Recreation Department have taken steps to see that the paddleboarders will not infringe upon the area set aside for swimming at the town beach. There is plenty of room for all.

It would be nice if local businesses could offer a couple of other recreational activities on the island. One that we hear quite often is bicycle rentals. Visitors are often looking to rent bicycles and explore the island.

The other is sailing dinghy rentals. Not everyone owns a boat and people do like to get out on the water, especially in July and August. We’ve seen successful sailboat rentals in other communities that are similar to Jamestown.

— Jeff McDonough

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