2013-07-11 / News

Legislation passed to prohibit banning dogs

The General Assembly last week passed legislation to bar cities and towns from banning specific breeds of dogs or cats.

“Years ago it was German shepherds that were bad dogs. Then it was dobermans, then rottweilers and today it is pit bulls,” said Rep. Tom Palangio of Providence. “No specific breed of dog is intrinsically bad or vicious or dangerous. It is the owners or handlers than can make a certain dog vicious, but entire breeds of dogs should not be outlawed based on the way some of them are trained.”

The bill’s sponsors also wanted to ensure dog owners that the bill has no impact on spaying or neutering, or requirements in that regard. “The bill simply provides that certain breeds of dogs cannot be banned in communities, based on what is an erroneous impression about a certain breed,” said Palangio.

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