2013-07-11 / News

Officer now expert in accident investigations

Ron Jacobs on Ron Jacobs on Jamestown Police Officer Ron Jacobson recently completed a six-week training program to improve investigation skills related to traffic accidents. The program was spread over three months and held at the Jamestown library. A total of 35 officers from 30 police departments attended the program.

Jacobson learned the proper procedure for measuring, diagramming and photographing accidents in order to record physical evidence at the scene of a crash. He also studied complex dynamics such as acceleration and deceleration, as well as physics that apply to determine vehicle speeds.

The course work involved exercises including skid tests and examining vehicle damage. The program’s goal is to better prepare officers in determining what happens before, during and after collisions.

During more serious traffic accidents, including those resulting in fatalities, officers who completed the program will be called upon as an expert to investigate the scene of a crash.

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