2013-07-25 / Editorial

Town wants to know what you think

Here’s your big opportunity to weigh in on some important issues concerning the town – and the future of Jamestown parks and recreation services.

Inside this week’s newspapers that are mailed to island homes you should find a survey pertaining to the recreation department. You are asked to complete the survey and return it to the town.

If you prefer to do things online, you can go to the town’s website at jamestownri.net and complete the survey there.

In addition to the survey, the town is also conducting a series of public workshops about the town’s parks and recreational services. Meetings are planned for July 30 and Aug. 6 at Town Hall. Mark your calendars and be sure to attend.

Some of the questions the town is asking include: How well do recreational programs currently meet your needs? How well do they meet the needs of your family? What do you think about the town’s public parks and beaches? Are they clean, safe and fun to use? What new ideas do you have? What programs would you like to see offered by the department?

This is your chance to let the town know how the Recreation Department can better suit your family’s needs. Are there enough sports programs? Are residents of all ages being served?

Please take the time to complete the survey and return it to the town. Also plan to the attend the next two community input sessions.

— Jeff McDonough

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