2013-08-01 / Editorial

What’s there to do in Jamestown?

The other day I overheard a teenager complaining to his parent that he was bored – there was simply nothing to do in Jamestown.

If only we could roll back the years. I know that I could find plenty to do with a free summer to play on the island.


• Going fishing. The waters are teaming with fish around Jamestown. Ask Greg Zeek at Zeek’s Creek. He can tell you where to find them.

• Read a book or a magazine at the Jamestown Philomenian Library.

• Go sailing. Surely someone you know has a sailboat!

• Go skateboarding at the town skateboard park on Lawn Avenue.

• Visit the aquarium at the Beavertail Lighthouse and explore a few of the tidal pools on the rocks.

• While you are at the Beavertail Lighthouse, visit the museum.

• Play a round of nine holes at the Jamestown Golf Course.

• Take a bicycle ride around the island. Or go roller blading. Or go for a run.

• Fly a kite at Beavertail State Park or at Fort Wetherill State Park.

• Go birding at the Conanicut Island Sanctuary.

• Play basketball at the recreation center.

• Go for a swim at Mackerel Cove Town Beach.

• Visit Watson Farm. See the livestock and hike along the upper pastures.

• Speaking of hiking, take in a long hike at one of the many parks on the island.

• Swing at the Jamestown playground next to the library.

• Go kayaking or paddleboarding.

• Visit the Jamestown Museum.

• See the Native American artifacts at the Jamestown library.

• Take a class at the Jamestown Arts Center.

I’m sure there’s more that I’ve left off. But this list of island-oriented activities is certainly a place to start. Don’t be bored. Enjoy the summer and have fun!

— Jeff McDonough

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