2013-08-01 / Letters to the Editor

Craft show, members exhibit are successful

On July 28, the Conanicut Island Art Association closed its 39th annual members exhibit, which was preceded on July 20 by our summer craft show. Once again, there was an outpouring of support from the community.

As I was sidelined by an injury, I am very much indebted to all those who lent their valuable time during the past two weeks to help make these events successful. I could fill a column with names and still commit the sin of omission, but I would be totally remiss if I failed to mention a few who gave so much: Priscilla Foley Blackman, who very ably took command and kept events orderly and on track; Carol Gates, who coordinated the many volunteers; Janet Dassau, who produced a beautiful opening-reception table; Joe Vecchione, who organizes and repairs all of our exhibit properties; Rhonda Beardsworth, who generated a whirlwind of publicity, with Joan McCauley assisting; Kim Pinksaw and Holly Wesman, of Bridges Inc., who coordinated the craft show; Wendy Crooks, Don Miller and Ernie Savastano, who miraculously appeared when needed most; and Patrick Bolger, who managed to be everywhere all the time.

On behalf of the CIAA, I give heartfelt thanks for the effort extended by these people and all the others who volunteer, donate beautiful floral arrangements, attend the shows, buy work, support us with their member- ships, and bring their artwork for us to display each year.

Built as it is on this strong foundation, and with the help of a hard-working board tending to our business all year long, the CIAA is strong as it enters its 40th year of commitment to the community.

All profits from our yearly activities are dedicated to support our mission: promoting the arts and crafts that so abundantly enrich our area, with special emphasis on encouraging student artists, to whom we donated the largest scholarship grants offered in the area this year.

New members and volunteers are always welcome to join us in this good cause.

Gail Bolger
Conanicut Island
Art Association

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