2013-08-01 / Letters to the Editor

Serenity found with upgrade at Castle Hill

The U.S. Coast Guard – Capt. Gifford and his command – have taken action to “save the bay” and should be commended. Notwithstanding budget pressures, they have followed through on a plan they adopted in response to my petitions to replace the dysfunctional 10-second-interval Castle Hill horn with a modern radio-activated system for mariners during times of reduced visibility. (Simple instructions have been published to mariners.)

The old horn has been a literal nightmare for me, my family, and many others for years, blaring across at our house every 10 seconds in good weather and bad, destroying the peace and beauty of the bay by day, and sleep by night.

The Coast Guard’s action is every bit as important to saving the bay as stopping sewage overflows, enforcing piloting requirements for tankers, and working as hard as all of us can to promote the conditions and events that make us the small-boat sailing and marine-recreation capital of the East.

Thanks are also in order to Congressman David Cicilline.

Brad Whitman
Beavertail Road

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