2013-08-08 / Editorial

What should we build at the golf course?

An architect has been contracted for the new building at the golf course. But the major questions still remains: What should the town build?

Of course the town needs to provide a clubhouse and restaurant facility for the golf course. But after that, what is really needed?

There has been some debate over whether the town needs additional space for recreational activities. The golf course building would be the obvious location.

Storage space and meeting space for the town’s various civic groups, such as the Jamestown Community Theatre, the Jamestown Community Band, the Boy Scouts and others, has also been requested.

The third item for consideration at the golf course should be a banquet hall that could seat 200 to 300 people. A well-managed banquet facility could host three to four events per weekend in the busy season. Such a facility could provide an obvious revenue stream for the town and should easily pay for itself. The town could manage the facility. But the best choice, since the town really doesn’t need to be operating a business, is for the town to lease the facility to a banquet hall operator.

The next step for the new architect will be a series of public meetings to determine what is needed at the golf course. This will be the time for everyone to weigh in with their opinions on what the new building should encompass.

— Jeff McDonough

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