2013-08-29 / Letters to the Editor

Pell Bridge roadbed needs repaving work

I agree the furor over paying tolls on the new Sakonnet River Bridge is frivolous, as stated in last week’s Press editorial. However, the statement in the same editorial commenting how well the Newport Pell Bridge is maintained does need rebuttal.

While the bridge itself may appear well maintained with continuous coats of paint, it still remains the worse bridge roadbed along the entire eastern seaboard.

By my estimate, there are more than 5,000 concrete repair patches on the roadbed – try counting them. Each is a different size with its own resonant sound signature. They are unevenly textured as to hum a different tune along with a nonrhythmic thump. (Or is it bump?)

Congratulations to the music-making repair crews, but how about some harmony and a smooth roadbed for a change, giving the 1.7-mile drive a bit more pleasant ride.

Varoujan Karentz
Clarke Village Lane

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