2013-08-29 / Letters to the Editor

Signage at beach can solve kayak problem

We believe that paddleboards and kayaks should be allowed at Mackerel Cove. The beach is big enough to be enjoyed by swimmers, kayakers and paddleboarders alike.

There may be a simple solution to the problem: include signage in the parking lot that reads, “Swim area only, no kayaks, boards or boats,” and another sign on the the south side that reads, “Board and kayak area, no motorboats.”

Many folks, especially out-oftowners, may not be aware of beach rules, so having lifeguards blowing whistles at them is perplexing and incredibly annoying. What, after all, can they be doing wrong?

A real and potential threat that should be on everyone’s radar is not paddleboards, but Jet Skis launched from East Ferry. They not only pollute our pristine waters like Potters Cove and the Dumplings, but create a noisy disturbance. Kayaks and boards are manually propelled, virtually silent and can be maneuvered easily to avoid contact with swimmers.

Jamestown Outdoors gives an opportunity to anyone who may not own their own board or kayak to enjoy harmless, low-impact recreational sports with no environmentally damaging effects. Along with the proper signage, it can be easily handled safely.

We firmly believe that having a safe, locally owned small business such as Jamestown Outdoors, which is run by a lovely and clearly environmentally conscientious family, can only have a positive impact and can help keep Jamestown a thriving community.

Andrea Colognese
Doriana Carella
Gondola Avenue

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