2013-08-29 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for making wedding so special

It was way more than just a wedding, and “just married” just doesn’t say enough. We are so grateful for all our friends and fellow business owners in town, and all the support we have received from the community.

Thank you to Lisa, Rachael, Jess and Ken at the Jamestown Arts Center for all you did to provide an amazing venue. Thanks to all our friends at the East Ferry Deli, Simpatico and Fish for feeding and caring for the masses.

Thanks also to Diane, Paul, Lisa and Rusty at the East Bay Bed & Breakfast and Lionel Champlain Guest House for housing our family; to Deb and Peter at the Purple Door for all your love, dancing and our beautiful necklaces; to Dan, Robin and Patty at Island Realty and Mansions & Manors for helping us find homes for our friends and family; and to Jamestown Hardware for lending us a ladder to get into the condo when we locked ourselves out on our wedding day.

Also, thanks to David at Secret Garden, because you are amazing; to Victoria and Jeremy at the Crabby Lion for our beautiful bench; to Katherine and Cassidy for the Del’s Lemonade; to Will at Grapes & Gourmet for providing all the liquid refreshments; to Sam for manning the store; to Cathy and the Narragansett CafĂ© for giving us a place to dance and for booking our dear friends Dear Creek; and to all our Fair Trade Winds customers for your support and patronage.

To all our family and friends who traveled from near and far to be here with us, please come back to see us again soon. L’chaim.

Reva and Bruce DiGennaro
Conanicus Avenue

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