2013-09-05 / News

Mosquitoes with EEE found in West Kingston

The state Health Department recently released that test results from two mosquito pools from a trap set in the Great Swamp in West Kingston have been confirmed positive for eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile virus.

It is the first time this year that EEE has been positively identified in Rhode Island, although it is presumed likely to be present in other areas of the state. The positive EEE result was found in a pool of 37 mosquitoes trapped on Aug. 26 and was of the Culex species that bites both birds and mammals.

In addition to the EEE finding, West Nile was found in a pool of 50 mosquitoes also trapped on Aug. 26 in Great Swamp and was of the Culiseta species that feeds almost exclusively on birds.

DEM will now set extra mosquito traps in the South County area.

These findings are not unexpected at this time of the year. Test results on the remaining 147 mosquito pools from 33 traps set statewide by the Department of Environmental Management are pending results from the Department of Health laboratory.

This year, to date in Rhode Island, four pools of mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile virus and one pool of mosquitoes has tested positive for EEE. There have been no reported 2013 cases of West Nile or EEE in humans in Rhode Island at this time.

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