2013-09-12 / Front Page

Holy Ghost to manage PAC Club

By Tim Riel

The Portuguese American Citizens Club is scheduled to open under Holy Ghost Society management, according to the society’s president.

Joan Dupee said she hoped to have the doors open in a month. The main obstacle is getting the liquor license transferred. Before the Town Council can vote to transfer the license, the restaurant has to advertise for two weeks in the Jamestown Press.

“We’re doing it for the community,” said Dupee. “We want to make it equally the best place in town with the other great restaurants.”

Dupee said there are renovations planned, and work to “spruce” up the interior should be underway soon. She said members of the Holy Ghost Society have agreed to make the restaurant family friendly, with “fair prices and good drinks.” According to Dupee, it won’t always be a bar atmosphere. She says the restaurant plans to play soft music during the dinner hours.

“Then after dinner, it’ll get a little louder for the bar crowd,” she said.

The hall and restaurant at 138 Narragansett Ave. has had a tumultuous recent past. For financial reasons, the Holy Ghost Society decided to seize management of the PAC Club and lease the restaurant to Carolyn Biltcliffe, who renamed the establishment Jamestown Tavern and opened in February 2012. The restaurant got off to a rocky start in town with controversy over the liquor license. Then on July 8, after being open for just 16 months, the Jamestown Tavern lessee reneged on the deal, leaving the restaurant unoccupied.

Since then, the Holy Ghost Society has been looking for potential tenants to take over operations. According to Dupee, a businessman who has a stake in a Newport tavern was close to an agreement, but an alleged dispute with a Jamestown police officer on Labor Day weekend apparently made the potential buyer disinterested.

Lt. Angela Deneault said the incident was unfounded. The prospective buyer denied an interview request from the Press.

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