2013-09-19 / News

Gillis scores 31, Warriors improve to 5-0

The Celtics, Raptors and Warriors came away with victories in the fifth week of the fall highschool basketball league being played at the recreation center.

Jack Sullivan scored a careerhigh 28 points and Dan Flaherty chipped in with 21 in the Celtics’ 71-67 win over the Lakers. The Lakers had four players in double digits, led by Cam Moniz who scored 16 in the loss.

Isaiah Butler scored 24 points and Greg Enos added 20 in the Rockets’ 63-57 win over the Raptors. Latrell Smith Cotto chipped in with 11. Evan Gaudreau scored 23 points in the loss.

The Warriors won their fifth straight matchup to remain undefeated after their 67-62 win over the Bulls. Jake Gillis led all scorers this week with 31 points. For the Bulls, Jared Williams scored 22 points and Anthony Ferri finished with 15.

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