2013-09-26 / Letters to the Editor

Volunteers clean up town’s roads, coast

To participants in the Jamestown road and international coastal cleanup, thank you so very much for all of your efforts Saturday, as well as for your past few weeks of preparation. The weather held out. I am pleased to report that you were phenomenal and so enthusiastic.

Some images I will remember include people on land and in the ocean ranging in ages from children, young adults, college students, families, grandparents and friends all gathered together making a difference. We had roadside and coastline volunteers. In the ocean we had kayakers and scuba divers splashing for trash, all demonstrating the importance of keeping our Jamestown roads, coastline and ocean clean. And as Mike Brown stated, “All our Jamestown roads lead to the ocean.”

As I sit here, the data sheets you filled out are being collected and sent for analysis to formulate the Ocean Conservancy’s 2013 trashcollection report. I can tell you in 2012 more than 500,000 volunteers picked up 10 million pounds of trash at the international coastal cleanups from all over the world.

Our ability to manage impacts on the ocean will make a critical difference in sustaining the resources and ecosystems that we need to thrive. A key place to start is tackling the harm caused by trash on our Jamestown island. After all, a trash-free planet starts at home.

Thanks to all of your efforts. There were a total of eight pickup trucks of trash hauled away by DEM at Fort Wetherill. I’m looking forward to volunteering with everyone on Earth Day and again at the 2014 international coastal cleanup. We’ve made so many new friends on Saturday and it was so much fun.

Deb Greenhalgh
Deck Street

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