2013-10-10 / Letters to the Editor

Citizens should find solutions, not blame

Tim Riel starts his editorial badly by implying the Tea Party plays “games.” In partisan politics, accusing the other party of playing games is an attack that works to the advantage of the attacker (“No gains from Tea Party games,” Oct. 3). However, it is little help to good citizens trying to discern the truth and make good decisions – not just for themselves, but for the nation as a whole.

Then, Tim tells us “the reason” for the shut down is “Republicans and their Tea Party movement.” It is such narrow thinking and the love of finding blame that is the problem. There are many reasons for the shutdown. There are a host of complicated competing issues. It would be refreshing to see editorials that propose possible solutions – for all people and all parties. A solution that recognizes the problems with Obamacare and deals with them.

How biased and uninformed one must be not to understand there are real problems with promising all the healthcare you want – forever – at no additional costs to anyone. We need to explore, in an unbiased way, a conversation about what we mean by healthcare. Acupuncture? Ground rhino horn? Crystals? There are so many alternative medicines and methods – do we pay for any and all?

Brian Gardner
Port Avenue

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