2013-10-10 / Letters to the Editor

Young musicians have unforgettable concert

And the melody lingers on...

Saturday night at the Jamestown Arts Center I heard a concert played by a quartet, which, if I closed my eyes, could have been at New York Philharmonic.

How fortunate the students from the Heifetz International Music Institute were able to come to Jamestown, work with Jamestown children for three days in the Lawn School, and then perform for the public on Friday at the Jamestown Arts Center.

Daniel Heifetz, founder and artistic director of the institute, brought four musically gifted college-age “kids” to Conanicut Island as an overture to similar experiences in other cities. The four had been students at a six-week summer program at the institute, which is “founded upon the revolutionary educational concept that young musicians can be taught to communicate the emotion of music, beyond mere technical agility and beautiful playing.”

With finesse, creativity, sense of humor, adaptability and musical skills more than worthy of the most prominent music schools they attend, the audiences at the school and at the arts center were brought to tears and to their feet with tremendous emotion. In fact, some of the children from Lawn School attended the concert on Friday night just to be able to get one more concert from their new favorite “stars.”

Can you imagine 10-, 11-, 12- and 13-year-olds becoming classical music junkies?

I – and I am sure others – are thrilled that there will be two more opportunities to celebrate the success of the institute, as Daniel Heifetz will return to our island with students in February and April, both these times staying for an entire week.

Thank you to the Jamestown Arts Center, Lawn School and to all the supporters of this program. What an unforgettable experience for all age groups.

Mary Wright
Highland Drive

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