2013-10-10 / News

Celtics clinch two seed with win over Rockets

The high-school offseason basketball league that is played at the recreation center finished its regular season Saturday. The Celtics knocked off the Rockets 70-65 to clinch the second seed and lock up a first-round bye in the postseason. Dan Flaherty led the Celtics with 32 points. Matt Keller chipped in with 12. Isaiah Butler scored 33 points in the loss.

The Bulls evened their record to 4-4 with an 84-80 win over the Lakers. Ryan Wirth scored a season-high 39 points, and James Williams added 21. Lucas Barth and Cam Moniz had 31 and 26 points, respectively, for the Lakers.

The Warriors improved to 7-1 with a 13-point win over the Raptors, 65-52. Austin Turrillo led the Warriros with 13 second-half points. He finished with a seasonhigh 15 points.

The postseason started Wednesday with the No. 3 Rockets against the No. 6 Raptors, and the No. 4 Bulls facing the No. 5 Lakers. Results weren’t available at press time. The finals are at the recreation center on Saturday.

Leading scorers (min. 5 games played):

Grant Gillis, 26.7 ppg; Spencer Bode, 26; Isaiah Bulter, 25.7; Jake Gillis, 23.5; Dan Flaherty, 19.8; James Williams, 19.2; Jake Mansfield, 18.4; Cam Moniz, 17.3; Lucas Barth, 17; Ryan Wirth, 16.4.

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