2013-10-17 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for making Jamestown Day great

The Friends of Jamestown Youth would like to thank the following people and organizations for making Jamestown Day very successful. Thank you to Bill Piva, Ronnie Parfitt, Clayton Caswell, Nate Nordstrom, Bonnie Jamison, Ashlin Gillis, Aryan Burns, Jeremy Wigton, Mike and Barbara Gallo, Antonio Varrecchione, Dimitri Varrecchione, Jack Gamble, Evan Chadwick, Jackie Tantimonico, Tiffany Coble, Grace Lynn, Riley Greene, Noah Franjione, Jessica Burrows, Anza DiGasper, Catherine Brennan, Tyler Gibson, Ashley Shaw, Izzy Piccerelli, Annabelle O’Neil, Freddie Bing, Catherine Cabral, Mike Martin, and everyone who made cakes for the famous cake walk.

Special thank you to the Jamestown Fire and Police departments. We would like to thank the community for coming to the event and making it the most successful Jamestown Day yet.

Jill Goldstein
Recreation Department

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