2013-10-31 / Editorial

Safety first on Halloween

Halloween is here, and while walking the dark streets as a zombie looking for candy is fun for children, it can also be dangerous. The state Department of Health has some advice for parents so their trickor treaters enjoy a spooky – and safe – holiday.

Make sure to inspect candy for any signs of tampering. Toss candy in the garbage that has ripped packaging, pinholes or discoloring. Better safe than sorry. If there is any other unusual appearance, feed it to the trashcan.

To keep children from digging in their bags before candy can be checked out, give them a light meal before trick or treating. Also, don’t let them eat any homemade candy or baked goods from strangers.

When it comes to costumes, face paint is safer than a mask. Young children can’t see as well in a mask, and tripping hazards or even cars can become a danger to them. Also, make sure the paints are intended for the skin. To avoid allergic reactions, try a dab on the child’s arm before covering the trick-or-treater. Don’t forget to decorate or trim costumes with reflective tape so children can be seen by cars.

When it comes to going house-to-house, make sure children are walking on the sidewalk and not running in the street. Statistically, traffic collisions spike on Halloween, for obvious reasons. Only let children approach houses that have outside lights on. While walking to the door, watch for jack-o’-lanterns that may be lit. A child’s costume could brush up against it and catch on fire.

Lastly, don’t forget the flashlight!

Happy Halloween.

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