2013-10-31 / Letters to the Editor

All citizens have the right to due process

Over the past week I have been discouraged by the actions of our Police Department. I believe they have lied to me, lied to the press and lied to the court.

After the arrest last week of someone I knew, I called our Police Department to find out when he would be arraigned. I was told 9 a.m. I called back to confirm so I could have legal counsel to represent him – again I was told 9 a.m.

When they had not arrived by 9:15 a.m., I called again and was told he was on his way. No member of the Jamestown Police Department arrived in the courtroom until after 2 p.m. and it is my belief that they were trying to impede his ability to receive representation as the law allows.

Also, the information police provided to the Providence Journal was incorrect and gives the reader a false impression of the alleged crime. I believe this is more than a mistake on their part.

I believe if the police must lie to make arrests, then they are no better than the criminals. I tried to talk to our police chief but he will not respond to my concern. I write this letter to remind people of the concept of unalienable rights and religious freedom that was the foundation of this state and country. I would also like to remind the Police Department that they need the people of this town to trust them.

As long as we allow our police and press to presume guilt over innocence, and disregard the rights of the people, it can only reflect poorly on the people of this town. It is up to us to change our local government and let them know that Jamestown has not lost sight of the constitution and the ideals that make this country so great.

If you feel you or someone you know has been treated in a way you feel is illegal, unfair or irrational, or if you are concerned about preserving the peace in a way that shows respect for the people of this town, do not be intimidated. Contact our Police Department and local representatives with your concerns and let them know we are tired of being persecuted and lied to.

Lydia Thomas
Hamilton Avenue

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