2013-10-31 / Letters to the Editor

Don’t discard old documents, relics

I was born in Newport in 1937 and raised in Jamestown. I left the island in December 1959 as a recent graduate of the Officer Candidate School in Newport.

My family was active in Jamestown politics from 1922 to 1941. Earlier this month I spent two days at the Jamestown Town Hall researching their contributions to the community. Sue Maden and other volunteers working with the Jamestown Historical Society collections committee were helpful in this research. I was very impressed with the work that they are doing. Jamestown is fortunate to have all those dedicated volunteers working on preserving the town’s history.

My family has donated some historic information to the Jamestown Historical Society over the last few years, including more last week. We had these artifacts at home and knowing that our children had no interest in them, we were delighted to give the material to the historic society.

A group of us who grew up in Jamestown prior to the Newport Bridge being built had a reunion at Fort Getty a few years ago. We call ourselves the real Jametowners (graduates of the Carr School and Thomas Clarke School). If you fall into this group, I ask you please do not throw away your old papers having to do with events in the Jamestown of our youth. Offer them to the Jamestown Historical Society and let them be the judge of their value.

I know after last week I will be in Jamestown again doing more research.

Dick Smith
Wayne, N.J.

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