2013-10-31 / News

State secures $16M for Sandy relief

A year after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on many Rhode Island businesses and homes, the state’s congressional delegations announced Monday that an additional $16 million in federal funding is on its way to help pay rebuilding costs and better protect communities from future storms.

To date, Rhode Island has received about $61.4 million from federal disaster relief programs to help Rhode Island recover from Sandy.

“Increasing the resiliency of our infrastructure and coastline and accounting for future risks is a smart investment that can save taxpayers in the long run and help build a stronger Rhode Island,” said U.S. Sen. Jack Reed, a Jamestown resident.

In July, the congressional delegation brought federal officials to Rhode Island for a firsthand look at coastal communities that suffered extensive damage during Sandy.

When Sandy hit Rhode Island on October 29, 2012, it caused widespread devastation and affected approximately 300,000 Rhode Island residents, or 28 percent of the state’s population. Mandatory local evacuations were ordered in eight communities.

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