2013-11-07 / Letters to the Editor

Delaying median on bridge could be grave

I’m sure you have received hundreds of letters regarding the report on the fatal crash written by David Prior (“You could be the next person killed on the Pell Bridge,” insert, Oct. 10, Oct. 24). Because of that, I will not make this letter very lengthy, as you may not be reading all of the letters through to the end.

I come to Jamestown every year with my family. My husband’s family – the late Janet Callahan – has a home on the island, now owned by her son, Bruce, and we love staying at the Wayward when we come. We also participate in the Fools’ Rules Regatta and have taken a ribbon several times. We eat lunch and get our traditional ice cream cones at Spinnakers, and we eat dinner at Chopmist Charlie’s. We’ve shopped at the hardware store and at McQaude’s Market. We take the ferry over to Newport with the kids and every year we drive over the Pell Bridge to go to the Newport Dinner Theatre. We’ve gone to Beavertail several times, bringing a picnic lunch and making kites from scratch to fly – well, some fly. We love watching the sailboats and going clamming.

We have so many wonderful memories of Jamestown, and my husband and his family has many more dating back to the early 1900s. My husband’s parents were engaged there and his mother’s ashes are scattered there. It’s a special place that we hope our children and grandchildren will continue to enjoy in the years to come.

What a horrible thing it would be if our family memories of the island were destroyed due to a fatal accident on the Pell Bridge that could have been avoided.

The Prior and Meunier families have had their memories of Jamestown and Newport tainted by the accident that happened in 2011 – deaths that could have been avoided by one simple barrier on a bridge. Unfortunately, the texting is something that is hard to control, but if the barrier had been there, at least the car would not have crossed over and killed two people.

Shame on you all. How do you sleep at night knowing you have the power to be an influence or maybe you even have the authority to have a barrier put up and could maybe save a life? How do you think the families feel every time they have to drive over the bridge and don’t see, even now, a barrier?

I hope there are plans to put up a median. If not, I hope a concerned citizens group gets together to see that it gets done.

Please, don’t wait until it may be one of our own family members or friends that dies on that bridge. Take action now.

Lynn Arseneau
Pittsfield, Mass.

Editor’s Note: The Jamestown Press published and editorial, “Median safety divider needed on bridge,” on Aug. 30, 2013.

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