2013-11-14 / Letters to the Editor

Price of proposed clubhouse too high

I would like to respond to the article involving the Jamestown Golf Course’s new building (“Architects unveil estimates for new clubhouse,” Nov. 7). I am just curious: Were there cocktails served at this Caddy Shack meeting?

First off, let me state that I love golf, and love the Jamestown course. I also agree, and think, it is a great idea that we are thinking of upgrading the building.

But at $350 per square foot? That is an absolutely ridiculous price for a building that just needs to be gutted and redone.

We all know, after all is said and done, that if the proposal by Mr. Burgin or whomever is approved, we will have cost overruns of 15 to 20 percent, if not more. So then the proposed project is now going to cost us $2.89 million to $4.25 million, roughly. For what? A new Caddy Shack and equipment barn? Oh, and don’t forget an arts and culture center.

The last thing the town of Jamestown needs to be worried about is an arts and culture location. When I hear the words “arts and culture,” it’s a euphemism for spending more of the taxpayer’s money. This project should be and could be done for a lot less, and we would all be better served by it.

So, councilors of and for the town of Jamestown, do you want to be really “mindful” of the taxpayers? Then stop this ridiculous proposal workshop, or whatever you want to call it, immediately, and rebid it, where it is a lot more conscious and mindful to the taxpayers of Jamestown.

As our beloved and most esteemed golfer Mr. Dangerfield once said, “Nice hat, but did you get a bowl of soup with it?”

Peter Salvatore
Stern Street

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