2013-11-14 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to businesses that sponsored teams

On behalf of the Jamestown Soccer Association, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone for a successful – and very fun – fall soccer season. It takes a lot of people to coordinate the leagues. The many volunteers associated with Jamestown soccer help keep our kids active and engaged in a great sport. Thank you to everyone involved, including the coaches who are the foundation of our league.

While all activities thank their sponsors, please realize these sponsors give money to many activities in town. Thank them by continuing to give them business for support of our youth activities. Our sponsors this year include the House of Pizza, Lila Delman, Sterns Farms, Conanicut Marine, Island Realty, Jamestown Hardware, Jamestown Rotary Club, Newport Animal Hospital, Payton’s Pace, Murphy’s Law, Jamestown Women’s Club, Secret Garden, Jamestown Fitness, Salon Balayage, Beacon Hill Gardening, The Fuzz Foundation, Baker’s Pharmacy, Slice of Heaven, Central Garage and Newport Renewables. Thanks to you all.

Christian Cowan
Melrose Avenue

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