2013-11-21 / Letters to the Editor

Dog walkers cause no harm to reservoir dam

Before the town spends money on materials and labor to install two gates over the reservoir dam, I’d like to see the data Mr. Gray has to back up his assumptions. Although I can believe the weight of horses and ATVs are potentially damaging, I cannot believe that a pedestrian and dog are having any detrimental effect on the dam, vegetation or slope. In the past five years that I have been walking my dog in the area, I rarely run into other walkers. The annual fishing derby brings more people on top of the dam than there are the entire rest of the year.

I live near the reservoir and walking along North Road or Frigate is dangerous. The reservoir provides a place that I can walk safely, without fear of being hit by speeding cars. In all of the years the reservoir and dam have been here, this is the first we are hearing of damage by pedestrians. I find it hard to believe that the dam is so fragile that a walker and dog cause any real kind of destruction, in which case, the money would be better spent shoring up the dam itself. The industrial mowers used to cut grass seem to have no effect. Instead of installing gates, maybe the town can simply put up a sign preventing horses and motorized vehicles, and keep the area a safe haven for walkers.

Sharon Streif
Matt Hull
North Road

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