2013-11-21 / Obituaries

David W. Stewart

David W. Stewart, loving father and welltrusted marine service provider, passed away Nov. 12, 2013. David was the father of two sons, Benjamin Stewart, 17, and James Stewart, 21. David was well known for his natural athletic ability and uncanny, arguably genius, ability to solve problems on the water. He was born in Quincy Mass., the son of Donald H. and Anne Louise Stewart.

David proved both his athletic and sea-worthy competence at an early age, setting his junior high cross-country record and starting work at the local Quincy boatyard at age 15.

David continued to excel both nautically and athletically through his time spent at Northeastern, and in service with the U.S. Coast Guard. While attending Northeastern, David took classes in undergraduate mechanical engineering and excelled in the decathlon, albeit his two-hour commutes to and from Northeastern from his parents’ house. After a year of college, David decided to enlist in the U.S Coast Guard, starting his service with 10 weeks at the United States Coast Guard Recruit Training Center where he would graduate first in his company and set the Coast Guard boot camp obstaclecourse record. He graduated first in his class at Machinery Technician “A” School, and after was appointed assistant engineer aboard the 82-foot Coast Guard cutter Point Turner. Finally he finished his time in the Coast Guard as station engineer at Station Castle Hill. He was honorably discharged from the Coast Guard on Feb. 2, 1979, as machinery tech second class, serving a total of five years.

After service in the Coast Guard, David would go on to spend most of his time as captain or engineer on boat deliveries departing from Newport en route for the southern lands of Virgin Gorda, Antigua, Florida and Bahamas. David became well known in the harbors of Newport and Jamestown as Island Marine Services. His extreme versatility and wealth of knowledge was a priceless asset to the proper and streamlined functioning of many and most vessels within the harbor. His time spent with his sons was his most precious as his later years were built intimately around securing their future and ensuring their dreams.

David leaves his two sons, Benjamin and James, mother and father, Carmen and Donald, sister Deborah, cousin Pam Shover, Sandra Stewart, and a boatload of loving and caring friends. David, you are in our hearts, and you are in our minds. Your spirit will always be with us and we will always invest in what you would do or say as your character was strong and unwavering. You were a shining example of what it means to have integrity. You are a deep loss to your family and the community at large. David, we love you more than words are capable of describing. Our prayers are with you always and forever.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, Nov. 23, in the mariner’s lounge of the Seamen’s Church Institute, 18 Market Square, Newport. Donations can be made to the Seamen’s Institute.

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