2013-12-05 / Letters to the Editor

Gating reservoir is unnecessary action

We concur with the opinions expressed by Sharon Streif and Matt Hull in their letter of Nov. 21 with regard to walkers and dogs on the reservoir dike (“Dog walkers cause no harm to reservoir dam”). We live in close proximity to the site and drive by the dike several times a day, and have done so for the past 18 years. We have walked the dike with our dog over that period of time. As drivers, passengers and pedestrians, we can also attest to the rarity of seeing anyone on the dike. Seeing any other living thing but geese on the dike is cause for concern.

This is a classic example of a solution in search of a problem. The idea that the Town Council would waste its time and the town’s resources on such an absurd proposal of gates over the dam is a source of bewilderment. The charge that the rare foot traffic is any danger to the dike or of any concern to the safety of the reservoir’s water is extreme, particularly without any proffered evidence. Why would the Town Council and Mr. Gray seek to hector and threaten with police intervention the citizens of this town over such a triviality?

A far easier, not to mention cheaper and benign, solution is to place a sign prohibiting horse and ATV traffic on the dam and dike, require dogs be leashed and their leavings collected. Perhaps town officialdom might trust the path’s users, already respectful of this beautiful, peaceful and trafficfree spot, to not abuse the “privilege” of a walk across the dike.

And if Mr. Gray is so bothered by ecological threat to the water, he can occupy his time cleaning up the litter left behind by the geese, which covers far more ground on the dike than anything save the grass.

Roger Birn
Janet Prip
Rosemary Lane

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