2013-12-05 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for making fundraiser a success

As chairwoman, I am writing on behalf of the “Glow” committee that has worked hard since September to produce perhaps the most successful community fundraiser (we’re still counting) at the Jamestown Arts Center.

Committee members included Victoria Andreozzi-Barzin, Catherine Bowen Brophy, Dianne Grippi, Courtney Hunter, Susan Kurz, Galen Limoges, Lois Migneault, Robin Monahan, Katie Munger, Ken Newman, Kate Petrie, Merri Russo, Lydia Thomas, Maggie Vale, Vivi Valentine and Vanessa Wurman.

Thanks to our sponsors, Cathryn Jamieson Salon, Entertainment Specialists who provided a fantastic DJ with great dancing music, Lumetta, Ron DiMauro Architects, Union Pearl, taste and StageCraft.

Delicious food and beverage was donated by Jesse Hedburg, Granny Squibbs, Slice of Heaven, Plantation at the Bay, Island Hoppers, Village Hearth Bakery, Ocean Cliff, Island Wind & Spirits, and Robin Hollow.

JAC’s first, and very successful, auction would not have been possible without generous donations from Emlen and Liz Drayton, Ron and Mary Long, Younny and Owen Long, Tome and Joanie Swift, Onne and Tenley Van der Wal, Martin and Mary Keen, Caroline and Danny Frank, Peter Flood, Chris Cannon and Carol Hopkins, Daniel Forster, and Stoneacre Pantry.

Finally, a huge thank you to the artists who made lanterns to light the night and kept all our spirits bright: Joe Beckham, Amanda Bingham, Matt Clark, Peter Diepenbrock, Diane Harrison, Paul Housberg, Lisa Lauless, Harley Lee, Peter Marcus, Susie Matthews, Martha Milot, Luke Randall, Ron DiMauro Architects, Merri Russo, Didi Suydam, James Steele, Dana Swist and Ashley Van Etten.

Most importantly, thank you to the hundreds of Jamestowners and friends who turned out to “Glow” together at the most exciting and audacious community arts center in Rhode Island. We are so lucky to have each and every one of you.

Judith Sutphen
Ocean Avenue

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