2013-12-05 / Letters to the Editor

Use markers to divide private, public land

I do not think many Jamestown residents, if any, condone trespassing. Nor do I believe that facilitating trespass is the town’s objective in maintaining Hull Cove access.

Some arguments raised in the Press regarding the extent of town property at Hull Cove are not consistent with a casual inspection of the town’s geographic information system. The maps show a paper street leading from Beavertail Road to two lots, 12-138 and 12-139, which totals 2.2 acres and seems to include 600 feet of shoreline. Lot 11-4, Mackerel Cove Beach, measures just 0.3 acres. Lot 16-1, the Jamestown Shores beach, measures 3.1 acres.

If trespassing is a concern, the town could locate markers on town property so it is clear to both the visitors and the owners where the public land ends.

Furthermore, all shoreline below the high-tide mark is public, not private. Hiking on the beach below the high-tide line is not trespassing.

I endorse the concern we all share for any lack of respect for property, private or public, in the forms of trespass, litter or abuse. There is a tendency for some private landowners to lay private claim to public land. This form of trespass also concerns me.

John Aquino
Seaside Drive

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