2013-12-19 / News

Rep. Ruggiero briefed on progress at Quonset

State Rep. Deb Ruggiero, who serves Jamestown and Middletown, toured the Quonset Business Park last week to learn more about recent progress at the facility. She is co-chair of the joint legislative commission tasked with studying the state’s ports.

Ruggiero was briefed on Quonset’s innovative site-readiness program and diverse parcels available for businesses looking to grow.

“Some people may have an outdated notion that Quonset is underutilized, but with 9,500 jobs at 175 companies nothing could be further from the truth,” said Ruggiero.

Only 293 acres of a total of 3,207 at Quonset remain available for development.

One of the largest business parks in the Northeast, Ruggiero says Quonset is a key engine of economic growth and job creation in Rhode Island. The Port of Davisville has been one of the top 10 auto importers in North America in recent years, and Quonset has added more than 3,500 jobs since 2005.

The commission analyzed ways to maximize the economic potential of Rhode Island’s ports, and a final report describes the continued potential for significant business growth and job creation at Quonset Business Park.

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