2013-12-26 / Front Page

Memorable dates month by month

Jan. 17

Teachers union calls for Superintendent Lukon’s resignation

Feb. 8

Blizzard drops 20 inches of snow on island; power out for 72 hours

March 13

State increases speed limit on Route 138 between bridges

April 1

Marijuana decriminalized; becomes civil violation

May 23

Town Administrator Bruce Keiser submits resignation

June 3

Voters pass $21 million budget at Financial Town Meeting

July 2

Both legislative chambers agree to 10-cent toll on Sakonnet span

Aug. 16

Patrolman John Raposa Jr. dies following wreck on North Road

Sept. 2

Students begin first full week following security upgrades

Oct. 23

Jamestown police arrest 11 people on drug-related charges

Nov. 22

Town and state leaders celebrate opening of Hammett Court complex

Dec. 2

Councilors place moratorium on home repairs in Shoreby Hill

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