2013-12-26 / News

Islander participates in Project: Pomfret

In a new and different way of learning, Caroline Dunn-Packer of Jamestown recently was part of a student-faculty team that worked together on a project called “The Individual and the Community.”

Caroline is a student at Pomfret School in Connecticut. She was recently part of an all-school academic experiment called Project: Pomfret. In early December, the students and faculty were out tackling one of 29 innovative projects – among them designing and building a real footbridge, conducting statistical and laboratory analyses on the economic and nutritional value of organic produce, trying to make sense of the Middle East, the practicality of dams, and producing and using biodiesel fuel.

Project: Pomfret represented an experimental retooling of the 120-year-old school’s academic matrix, harvested from the year of self-examination that resulted in a new strategic plan. Everyone involved got to break away from the established academic routine and focus instead on their one particular topic.

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