2014-01-09 / Editorial

How should we preserve our history in Jamestown?

Ask any islander whether or not Jamestown’s history should be preserved and you will more than likely receive an affirmative reply. One only has to consider the continued success and growth of the Jamestown Historical Society to see that history is indeed important to many of us.

In fact, the history of our island has much to do with its eclectic nature – that includes its architecture. The homes, offices and other structures that give our island its character are not currently protected.

But ask how our island history should be preserved and that’s where the conundrum lies. How do we preserve the history of Jamestown, especially what is privately owned? What is important and what can be allowed to disappear?

When a structure with a significant past is torn down, people will often ask how that could have been allowed to happen.

To help with answering these questions, the Jamestown Planning Commission is hosting a workshop at Town Hall on Wednesday, Jan. 15, starting at 6 p.m. If you are at all concerned about preserving Jamestown’s history, you should plan to attend the workshop.

The Planning Commission wants to know if islanders want to preserve Jamestown’s history and character. If so, how should that history be preserved and at what cost? The Planning Commission has asked three individuals to share their expertise in the field of historic preservation.

Every Jamestowner should be a part of this discussion. It is a topic that concerns all of us.

Mark the date on your calendar and be sure to attend the workshop.

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